Quick Contact

Chief Operation Manager

Aymen Meftah

Professional Skills

Leadership 87%
Strategy 92%
Decision-making 86%
Communication 87%
Policy creation 91%
Risk analysis 89%

Experience & Activities

Delegates missions to managers and employees of his company and constantly analyzes the activity. He adjusts the implementation of the orders he submits. He is the global point of reference for his employees and for the brand image of the company he runs. In addition, he is available at all times, whether for his customers, employees or collaborators.

He develops also the activities of the company, in close collaboration with its team of collaborators. They set up together the strategic road-map of the future company.
He runs the business. It is he who establishes the evolution and development strategies of a structure, from an accounting, financial, managerial and technical point of view. He leads all operations and provides long and short term direction.